April 21, 2017 - Building Components

Types of Windows, When to Use Each One

Windows are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to serve different purposes. This infographic details common window types and when to use each one. It’s also important to note that window sealants play an important role in window installation. Bostik manufactures smart window sealants that bond to a variety of substrates and help …

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April 20, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Matte Finish Packaging Trend, What it Means for Adhesives

As consumer preference for all-natural and organic products grows, packaging manufacturers are adjusting their designs to stand out. Matte finish packaging has been one way they’ve opted to do this. Find out more about the matte finish trend and what it means for adhesives. Matte Finish Packaging Offers Practical and Aesthetic Benefits It’s no surprise to packaging …

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SMP is the Smart Solution for General Transportation

SMP technology has helped manufacturers across general transportation markets successfully address recent challenges, such as:   Improve fuel efficiency Increase production speed Decrease harmful chemicals Let’s take a closer look at how it has for some markets in particular. What is SMP Technology? SMP, or silyl modified polymer, technology combines the advantages of silicone and polyurethane chemistries …

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April 18, 2017 - Assembly

Using Foam-in-Place Adhesive Systems for Appliance Assembly

In a recent blog post, we discussed benefits to using a foam-in-place adhesive dispensing equipment system. These benefits included: Reduced labor costs Reduced material costs Reduced in-process inventory While these systems are used in a range of applications, such as automotive door handles and electronics, they also play an important role in the assembly of …

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