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Troubleshooting Two Common Hot Melt Adhesive and Equipment Problems

In a recent blog, we discussed hot melt adhesive application methods and variables to consider. Now, let’s look at troubleshooting two common hot melt adhesive problems: charring and stringing. Hot Melt Adhesive Charring in Reservoirs Char is comprised of burned particles that result from the thermal degradation of organic substances. This can include: Certain adhesives …

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June 17, 2018 - Aerospace

Selecting the Right Skin to Core Adhesive for Sandwich Panel Bonding

As cited in Composites World, sandwich panels are the largest composite application for aircraft interiors. These composites, comprised of a skin and core material, can be bonded together with an adhesive, and are used in aircraft flooring, ceilings, galley walls, lavatories and cargo hold liners. Selecting the right materials for these structures is critical. Failure …

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June 4, 2018 - Aerospace

What Aerospace Megatrends Mean for Adhesives

According to Research and Markets, the global commercial aircraft market continues to be propelled by multiple favorable factors. As OEMs ramp up production, find out key megatrends in the commercial aircraft market and what they mean for adhesives. Megatrend #1: Fuel Efficiency In a continued effort to reduce operating costs, airlines strive to optimize fuel …

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Best Practices for Hot Melt Adhesive Changeovers

In a recent blog about hot melt adhesives, we discussed how they work, considerations to make and their benefits. We also looked at how to maintain hot melt adhesive performance during equipment downtime: temperature setback guidelines. Using hot melt adhesives for a range of applications offers the following advantages: Optimal holding power to corrugated materials Superior …

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