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July 20, 2017 - Assembly

Insight into Global Lubricants Market

According to Markets and Markets, the global lubricants market is expected to be worth $166.59 billion by 2021. Take a look at this market’s leading industries and product types. Leading Industries Comprised of anti-seize compounds, lubricants are mainly used in the following industries: Automotive Construction Industrial machinery Of these three, the automotive industry holds the …

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Understanding the Global Hot Melt Polyester Adhesives Market

As cited in Grand View Research, the global hot melt polyester adhesives market is predicted to be worth $530.3 million by 2022. Let’s take a closer look at hot melt polyester benefits as well as key market growth drivers during this timeframe. Hot Melt Polyester Adhesive Benefits Commonly used in fabric applications, polyesters offer various …

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Four Reasons for Adhesive Failure

Using adhesives offers manufacturers many benefits, including: Enhanced design options Increased product durability Improved operation efficiencies Yet while today’s adhesives use advanced technologies that rarely result in bond failure, an adhesive can still sometimes fail. Take a look at the following four reasons for adhesive failure and how to avoid them: Contamination If a surface …

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Low Surface Energy Trend, How Adhesives are Adapting

As low surface energy materials gain popularity in many manufacturing processes, it’s important to understand their impact on adhesives and how adhesives are adapting. Why Use Low Surface Energy Materials? These materials offer manufacturers several benefits, including: Durability Flexibility Moisture and heat resistance Cost effectiveness In particular, these materials include: Polypropylene Polyethylene Teflon Other thermoplastic polyolefins …

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