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What to Consider When Choosing a Smart Polyamide Adhesive

Smart hot melt polyamides offer many benefits, including excellent plasticizer resistance, good performance at elevated temperatures and adhesion to many substrates. This infographic details what to consider when choosing a smart hot melt polyamide adhesive, such as temperature requirements, process parameters and substrate compatibility. For more information on polyamide adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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Avoid Hot Melt Adhesive Degradation During Downtime

In today’s manufacturing industry, a high original equipment effectiveness (OEE) percentage is crucial to a company’s success. According to Ignition, an OEE of 85% is considered world-class performance. However, downtime is unavoidable at times. For example, during holidays, breaks and scheduled maintenance, the equipment line must be stopped. While planned downtime doesn’t as negatively impact …

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How Bostik Addresses Climate Change: Part One

The sustainability megatrend continues to drive change in terms of raw materials, supply chains and minimizing environmental impact. Bostik embraces sustainability and actively promotes it with our products and business processes. The following are just a few ways Bostik contributes to sustainability: Nitrogen Blanketing In the past, an industry standard had been to apply an …

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Understanding Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesives

Markets and Markets cites that the global hot melt adhesives market is projected to be worth $9.64 billion by 2020. With applications in several markets including packaging, filtration, assembly and automotive, it’s understandable why hot melt adhesives are growing in popularity and demand. Let’s take a look at one type of hot melt adhesive in …

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