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April 7, 2017 - Assembly

Washing Machine Adhesives At-a-Glance

Bostik manufactures smart washing machine adhesives for various assembly applications. This chart serves as a quick reference to what those applications are, recommended adhesive technologies and performance benefits.

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March 31, 2017 - Assembly

Washing Machine Market Growth

The washing machine market is expected to reach $42.16 billion by 2025, cites Grand View Research. Learn more about reasons for its growth: Technological Advancements As living standards increase, consumers are more likely to purchase new washing machines out of desire than necessity. Additionally, they care about convenience and would want machines that help them …

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March 24, 2017 - Assembly

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Filter Potting Compounds?

Before choosing filter end cap potting compounds, it’s important to consider the following: Viscosity Adhesion strength Durability Application method needed However, price is another critical factor not to be overlooked. Typically, epoxy-based or two-component adhesives are used. While they offer significant strength, these products are often over-engineered for potting applications. Additionally, epoxies and two-component adhesives …

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Bostik to Teach Short Courses at ASC Annual Spring Conference and Expo

Bostik, a global adhesive and sealant manufacturer, has been invited to teach short courses at the ASC Annual Spring Conference and Expo in Atlanta, GA April 3-5. Designed for manufacturers, suppliers and end-users, this event is the largest gathering of adhesive and sealant professionals in North America. Spanning three days, it will include keynote speakers, technical …

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