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Low Surface Energy Trend, How Adhesives are Adapting

As low surface energy materials gain popularity in many manufacturing processes, it’s important to understand their impact on adhesives and how adhesives are adapting. Why Use Low Surface Energy Materials? These materials offer manufacturers several benefits, including: Durability Flexibility Moisture and heat resistance Cost effectiveness In particular, these materials include: Polypropylene Polyethylene Teflon Other thermoplastic polyolefins …

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June 20, 2017 - Automotive

Smart Automotive Interior Trim Adhesive Technologies

Over the years, automotive interior trim advancements have helped manufacturers design vehicles that attract buyers and improve cars overall. For example, these advancements include: Decreased noise level Enhanced aesthetic appeal Improved comfort level Take a look at its smart adhesive technologies and how they aid in automotive assembly overall. Water-Based Automotive Interior Trim Adhesives In addition to reducing …

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June 12, 2017 - Automotive General Transportation

Improve Your Transportation Production Line with Dual SMP

With ever-changing regulations and increasing production demands, it can be hard for transportation manufacturers to keep up. Fortunately, Bostik’s Dual SMP system aids in a more efficient, lower cost-in-use production process. Take a closer look at how: The Dual SMP system operates using a gear-based transmission gun design that combines an advanced adhesive, or Silyl Modified …

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Adhesive Manufacturing Industry Dynamics

According to Market Research, the adhesive manufacturing industry is forecast to rise 2.8% annually through 2019. Expected to reach $12.8 billion, there are certain aspects leading the growth. Take a look at these industry dynamics. Adhesive Technology Dynamics While the shift toward water-based and higher solids content grows, solvent-based products will continue to see demand increases. This is due …

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