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SMP Benefits for RVs and Trailers

Bostik’s innovative SMP (Silyl Modified Polymers) technology offers new adhesive advantages to the general transportation market previously not available when using PU for RV and trailer applications. In addition to high temperature resistance, primarless adhesion and UV resistance, SMP technology also offers lower cost-in-use than traditional PU and increased operation efficiency.

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June 24, 2016 - Automotive

Smart Auto Glass and Smart Auto Adhesives

According to Ceramic Industry Magazine, smart glass is expected to become a $2.1 billion market by 2019. What is smart glass, and what are the smart adhesives for it? Let’s find out. What is Smart Auto Glass? Smart auto glass is any kind of automotive glass that has sensors and other kinds of electronic functionality …

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Why the STR Series is the Smart Choice for the Truck and Transportation Market

According to Strategy&, the global truck industry is expected to grow at an average of 3.7% or more until 2020. Factors contributing to this growth include: Growing urbanization: increase in transport volume and the need for trucks to be optimized for nighttime goods distribution Emerging economies in Asian and African countries Improved technologies that satisfy …

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4 Ways Polyolefin Adhesives are the Smart Choice

Bostik’s adhesives are manufactured using nine different types of chemistries, including polyolefin. Each of these chemistries possess four key qualities that make them the smart choice. Find out why polyolefin adhesives in particular are efficient, fast, safe and high-performing. For more ways Bostik makes adhesives “smart”, visit our recent blog post.

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