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June 5, 2017 - Building Components

Door, Window Sealant Technologies

With demand for doors and windows projected to reach $31.9 billion by 2018, as cited in Freedonia, sealant use will rise as well. Take a look at some door and window sealant technologies, and learn about the smart sealant choice. Polyurethane Door and Window Sealant Technology Polyurethane sealants for door and window applications offer strong …

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May 31, 2017 - Building Components

Top Construction Trends Impacting the Market

With global construction growth predicted at a 2.8% average over the next five years, as cited in Construction Dive, key construction trends are shaping the market. These include: Moldular Construction Also known as prefabricated and panelization systems, this type of construction isn’t new to the industry. However, it continues to grow in popularity, especially due …

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Understanding Adhesive Tape for Construction Applications

According to Markets and Markets, the global adhesive tape market is projected to reach $61.86 billion by 2021. With applications in the packaging automotive and assembly markets, tapes also play an important role in construction. Take a look at types of adhesive tape for construction and how they help improve buildings. Butyl Adhesive Tapes Butyl …

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May 19, 2017 - Building Components

Why You Can Rely on Bostik’s Construction Sealants

The construction sealants market is predicted to be worth $8.93 billion by 2020, according to Markets and Markets. With the rise in construction projects and increase in sealant applications, it’s important contractors use products they can trust and rely on, helping them get the job done right the first time. Find out how Bostik’s construction …

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