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How to Improve the Chances of a Successful Adhesive Trial

When conducting a trial of a new adhesive product, Bostik recommends that customers follow the tips below in order to improve the chances of success. 1. Detail the End-Use Application and Expectations Before conducting an adhesive trial, it’s important to detail the product’s overall end-use application. For example, is this adhesive going to be used to bond …

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November 29, 2017 - Assembly Building Components Tape & Label

Inside the Global Masking Tape Market

This infographic provides important facts within the global masking tape market, such as its growth, top materials and key regions. Bostik manufactures smart adhesives designed for masking tape applications.

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How Bostik Addresses Climate Change: Part Three

  Bostik is committed to helping the environment, doing our part to ensure we are being ecologically responsible while also helping our customers meet their sustainability needs. In parts one and two of this blog series,  we looked at several ways Bostik’s adhesives are formulated to help the environment. Now, gain insight into our production …

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How to Ensure a Surface is Ready for Adhesion

In a recent blog, we discussed four reasons for adhesive failure. While unlikely with today’s advanced solutions, adhesive failure can still sometimes happen. Take a look at tips for ensuring a surface is ready for adhesion. Make sure the surface has good wetting properties An adhesive’s success is largely dependent upon its ability to wet out a …

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