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How Bostik Meets Key Needs in Today’s Environment

As today’s industries continue to grow and change, it’s important that adhesive manufacturers are able to evolve in conjunction with them. Take a look at key customer needs and how Bostik addresses them. Productivity In an effort to meet high production demands while keeping costs low, customers look to avoid downtime and line issues as …

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August 10, 2017 - Building Components

Why Hybrid Sealants are Rising in Demand

As cited in ASI Magazine, the hybrid sealants market is predicted to be worth $7.54 billion by 2022. Gain insight into their rising demand and a smart hybrid in particular. What are Hybrid Sealants? Hybrid sealants are relatively new to the market. A fusion of silicone and polyurethane technologies, hybrids bond well to a range …

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August 4, 2017 - Building Components

The Trend of Net Zero Buildings and How Smart Sealants Help

Given that commercial and residential buildings are responsible for 40% of the total U.S. energy usage*, many commercial property owners have established green initiatives in order to minimize building waste and reduce carbon footprint. A recent trend in particular includes constructing net zero buildings. Gain insight into this trend and how smart sealants can help property …

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Why Smart High-Temperature Sealants are the Smart Choice to Make

According to ASI Magazine, the high-temperature sealants market is expected to be worth $3.56 billion by 2022. Growing at a CAGR of 4.6% over the next five years, it’s important to note leading causes for this market’s growth and understand why “smart” is the way to go. High-Temperature Sealant Growth Factors Automotive  With higher temperature …

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