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How Smart Adhesives Reduce Environmental Impact and the Bottom Line

This infographic details how smart adhesives can help your company reduce environmental impact – and costs at the same time. From little to no VOCs to faster line speeds, smart adhesives are the smart choice to make!

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How to Improve the Chances of a Successful Adhesive Trial

When conducting a trial of a new adhesive product, Bostik recommends that customers follow the tips below in order to improve the chances of success. 1. Detail the End-Use Application and Expectations Before conducting an adhesive trial, it’s important to detail the product’s overall end-use application. For example, is this adhesive going to be used to bond …

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High-Performance Adhesive Market Insight

As cited in ASI Magazine, the high-performance adhesives market is expected to reach $13.17 billion by 2022. Rising in popularity across industries, gain insight into key growth factors and leading segments and regions. High-Performance Adhesive Growth Factors High-performance adhesives are seeing increasing use in many end-use industries, especially: Transportation Medical Construction This is due in …

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Smart Adhesive Package Forms

Bostik manufactures adhesives that are formulated in a variety of smart adhesive package forms. As part of the overall technology, these forms are specifically chosen to aid in performance. This infographic details main adhesive package forms.

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