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August 16, 2018 - Tape & Label

3 Tips for Selecting the Right Protective Film

   In a recent blog, we looked at types of protective film and market growth drivers. As the protective film market continues to rise in demand, given increased desire for product protection, it’s important to choose the right type for your needs. The following tips can help in the selection process: Identify the type of …

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August 2, 2018 - Tape & Label

How Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Works

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape offers manufacturers in many markets a range of benefits. These include: Improved product durability Reduced product weight Lower production costs Enhanced product aesthetics Increased productivity As a result, it’s understandable why PSA tape is becoming a popular choice for markets ranging from automotive to construction. Yet it’s important for these …

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HMAs vs. HMPSAs: Understand the Difference

Hot melt adhesives (HMAs) and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs) are two common types of adhesive technologies for a range of markets and applications. Learn about their distinctions to better understand which one to choose for your needs.  HMAs: These adhesives are 100% solid solutions that form a bond as they cool. Generally thermoplastic, HMAs …

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July 12, 2018 - Tape & Label

How Linerless Labels Give You More With Less

Gain insight into how linerless labels give you more with less, saving you time, money and reducing product waste.

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