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August 14, 2017 - Tape & Label

Understanding RFID Labels and Their Smart Adhesives

Expected to reach $10.03 billion by 2021, the smart labels market is comprised of several types of technologies, including RFID (radio frequency identification) labels. As a preferred type of smart label, RFIDs are predicted to see the most traction during the forecast period. Gain insight into current applications, the direction they’re heading and adhesive use in their …

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How Bostik Meets Key Needs in Today’s Environment

As today’s industries continue to grow and change, it’s important that adhesive manufacturers are able to evolve in conjunction with them. Take a look at key customer needs and how Bostik addresses them. Productivity In an effort to meet high production demands while keeping costs low, customers look to avoid downtime and line issues as …

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How to Increase Substrate Surface Energy

As discussed in a recent blog, low energy substrates are gaining popularity in many manufacturing processes. These substrates offer benefits, such as durability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Yet while adhesives have been adapting to challenges that low surface energy poses, these substrates also can adjust. Take a look at certain ways to increase their surface …

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Top Polyurethane Adhesive Market, Technology and Region

According to Markets and Markets, polyurethane adhesives are expected to be worth $9.38 billion by 2021. Offering versatility, strength and flexibility, these adhesives are used in a range of applications. Take a look at their top polyurethane adhesive market, technology and region. Top Polyurethane Adhesive Market The construction market segment holds the highest share in …

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