June 16, 2015 - Bostik News Window & Door

Bostik’s Partnership with SWR Institute

An initiative we have taken within our construction sealant division at Bostik is to maintain a positive relationship between all parties including the specifier, general contractor, product installation contractor and building owner. Part of maintaining that positive relationship relies on making sure we go above and beyond to convey the most accurate and relevant data …

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June 10, 2015 - Flexible Packaging

M-Resins Are Your Packaging Solution

In today’s grab-and-go world, the benefits and use of peelable and resealable packaging for multi-serve products is growing. Packages that give purpose beyond purchase are a valuable selling point that differentiates products amongst the competition. Though there are several options to explore within the resealable adhesive market, here are the top reasons to explore our …

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May 29, 2015 - Bostik News

The Bostik Way: Openness

Bonds are our business. The bonds we manufacture are only as strong as those we build among ourselves and with our partners. How do we do this?  In part, through openness, one of six commitments within the Bostik Way, which guides our company culture and our collective behavior. Within Bostik, openness means readiness to hear …

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May 19, 2015 - Bostik News

RECAP: Bostik attends PSTC Tape Summit 2015

Written by Kerri Kilbourne, Market Development Manager Beautiful Baltimore Last week, Bostik attended the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) Annual Summit in Baltimore, Maryland.  It was wonderful to see the beautiful city peacefully at rest, and offering up warm summer temperatures! What is PSTC PSTC is a not-for-profit North American trade association for tape manufacturers …

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