July 11, 2018 - Aerospace

3 Key Usage Considerations for Aircraft Interior Web Adhesives

Even as aircraft interiors continue to be reinvented, manufacturers must address governmental pressures for increased output, fuel efficiency and safety. Ideal for seating, upholstery and decorative trims, aircraft interior web adhesives are a smart way to meet these requirements while enhancing overall interior aesthetics. Take a look at three key usage considerations to achieve ideal …

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July 6, 2018 - Window & Door

A Smart Partner for SMP Window and Door Bonding

  In a recent blog post, we detailed the benefits of using SMP (silyl modified polymer) technology over silicone for window and door applications. Now, gain insight into why Bostik is a smart partner for your SMP bonding needs. Proven History  For over 20 years, Bostik has formulated SMP (silyl modified polymer) technology in both …

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How to Increase Substrate Surface Energy

As discussed in a recent blog, low energy substrates are gaining popularity in many manufacturing processes. These substrates offer benefits, such as durability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Yet while adhesives have been adapting to challenges that low surface energy poses, these substrates also can adjust. Take a look at certain ways to increase their surface …

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The Latest Innovations in Wine Packaging, What They Mean for Adhesives

Reaching $61.8 billion in 2017, the U.S. wine market continues to grow as consumer preference for wine drives demand. With online distribution making it easier for smaller wineries to reach consumers combined with wine’s wide range of flavors and price points, it’s unlikely this market growth will slow down any time soon. As a result, …

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