Adhesive Education Series: Understanding Types of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

According to Markets and Markets, the pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are projected to reach $15.76 billion by 2026. With growth in large part due to increasing end-use in packaging and transportation markets, PSAs come in several different forms and offer distinct characteristics. Gain insight into these forms and their characteristics to understand which works best …

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What to Consider When Choosing a Smart Polyamide Adhesive

Smart hot melt polyamides offer many benefits, including excellent plasticizer resistance, good performance at elevated temperatures and adhesion to many substrates. This infographic details what to consider when choosing a smart hot melt polyamide adhesive, such as temperature requirements, process parameters and substrate compatibility. For more information on polyamide adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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Avoid Hot Melt Adhesive Degradation During Downtime

In today’s manufacturing industry, a high original equipment effectiveness (OEE) percentage is crucial to a company’s success. According to Ignition, an OEE of 85% is considered world-class performance. However, downtime is unavoidable at times. For example, during holidays, breaks and scheduled maintenance, the equipment line must be stopped. While planned downtime doesn’t as negatively impact …

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October 30, 2017 - Tape & Label

How to be Smart About the New Nutrition Fact Labels

In 2016, the FDA announced changes to nutrition fact labels that were initially set to take effect by July 2018. Now, however, the FDA has delayed the compliance date to give food manufacturers more time implement the changes. While the new date is yet to be determined, here’s what food manufacturers need to know in …

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