April 4, 2018 - Assembly

5 Qualities Your Mattress Adhesive Should Possess

Mattresses are manufactured using increasingly complex material structures and layers. As a result, mattress adhesives used in their assembly must possess more qualities than ever to achieve desired performance levels. Take a look at five key qualities your mattress adhesives should possess.

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April 3, 2018 - Flexible Packaging

How Flexible Packaging Benefits Converters and Logistics Chains

As cited in a Smithers Pira report, global demand for flexible packaging is projected to reach $248 billion by 2020. While flexible packaging benefits the end consumer, offering convenience and improved functionality, using this type of packaging has value throughout the manufacturing chain. Take a look at how flexible packaging benefits converters and logistics chains …

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Bostik Debuts into the World of Structural Bonding with New SAF Product Line

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, debuts into the world of structural bonding, launching its SAF structural adhesives product line for industrial applications. For over 125 years, Bostik’s non-structural adhesives have revolutionized converted and durable goods markets. Now, backed by Arkema’s expertise, the company leverages its capabilities to bring …

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March 29, 2018 - Rigid Packaging

Compostable Packaging Growth Factors, Smart Adhesives

According to Future Market Insights, the compostable packaging market is set to experience high growth rate in upcoming years. Gain insight into what it is, growth factors and smart compostable adhesives. What is Compostable Packaging? Compostable packaging is capable of fully disintegrating into natural elements, like soil, in about 90 days. Leaving no distinguishable traces …

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