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February 6, 2018 - Flexible Packaging

How Flexible Packaging Innovations Help the Environment

As noted in a Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) report, flexible packaging has facilitated the development of many new products currently on store shelves. Yet improved consumer convenience and extended product freshness aren’t the only benefits flexible packaging has brought to the world of packaging. Take a look at certain flexible packaging innovations and their impact on …

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September 26, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Solvent-Free Adhesives in Flexible Packaging

Environmental regulations continue to increase, spurring the growth and development of solvent-free adhesives. As cited in Food and Beverage News, these new adhesives are changing the flexible packaging industry. Let’s take a look at how:  What are Solvent-Free Adhesives? Adhesives are deemed solvent-free if they contain no more than 5% solvent in their formulations. They …

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July 11, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Three Trending Segments for Stand Up Pouches

According to Markets and Markets, the stand up pouches market is expected to be worth $33.4 billion by 2020. Offering consumers additional functionality such as fitments and zip closures, they also are gaining popularity among brand owners due to their: High barrier properties Ability to maintain quality of content Let’s take a look at trending …

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July 7, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Understanding Food Safety for Flexible Packaging Designs

As flexible packaging grows in popularity, converters and suppliers seek ways to keep up with high production output demands. In particular, these changes have included: Down gauging films Increasing packaging equipment efficiencies Developing curing technologies However, with these rapid design changes comes an increased potential for food contamination. Take a look at items that need …

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